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Exposed: Amankrado fake viral audio to damage Peter Paradise(Konkomba Tv )

It no more becoming fun on social media when common personal issues will lead to damages and creating of false  accusations to tarnish and destroy ones reputations and image .

It all started from Facebook when these influential social media personalities with a huge following fan pages namely Amankrado also Young ceccy a hidden accuser crushes with Peter Paradise another renown social media influencer , fashionista,and costumier over an unusual social media rival.

The accusers who have just manufactured false news claiming Peter Paradise is an arm robber who uses arms and other weapons to dupe passengers in VIP buses and also warns people to unfollow and reject Facebook friend request from peter paradise the accused arm robber.  I term this as childishness as how can an arm robber be on social media always to promote his image ,and owns the most influential fan page with huge following on social media, This is really unfair and evil act to just destroy the image of this innocent man because of followers space.

Peter paradise has  reported the issue to the greater Accra regional police headquarters to lodge a complain about this manufactured viral false accusation and also the management of the VIP Buses has issued a press to the public to boycotts this manufactured viral news about Peter Paradise and also confirming to the public The VIP bus is never familiar with such news and never will it happen to the buses as the buses has a police escort who ensures security through out all their travelings.

Press from management of VIP Buses

Also this false news was made to just destroy Peter paradise and his popular Facebook program  Konkomba Tv  and to deceive and mislead his huge following as a revenge from the accusers because of Facebook fights.

Meanwhile, the viral video is still trending on whatapp by the  accusers as it in video displaying crazy fashion photos of Peter paradise and in audio with Twi voice accusing him as an arm robber, Kindly copy this news and keep sharing it to avoid this bloggers from making money on YouTube and social media with false news.

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