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Patapaa loses two managers in less than two years

The manager of Ghanaian hiplife musician, Patapaa known as Gershon Mortey has recently resigned from his position and promises to spill his reason for this decision come December 7.

The ‘One Corner’ hitmakers’ manager recently took to his Facebook page to announce his decision and that he was parting ways with Patapaa.

He also revealed that he was parting ways with the musician over being ‘paid back with evil and has promised to reveal more information on December 7, 2018.

“I spent my time, energy and all to make him who he is. I made him a top class artiste, helped him travel all over with all the hype. And in all you wish me evil and pray I am no longer on this earth. As head of the Patupa Solja’s team, I now appoint the current road manager, Freebody, as the new manager.

I wish him well in all his endeavors and I pray he continues to lift Patapaa’s career from the point I am stepping aside to the topmost level. I have done my best and I know God knows I truly have. I have no issues with anyone as I have discussed this with the artiste.

Freebody was with the team and when the former manager, Godfred left, I came in to calm the storm but I have been paid back with evil. This shouldn’t be considered as a form of hype as I am typing this with my feelings.

There have been several events and shows that I have no idea about but my signatures were all over. I have decided not to say much but resign as the head and I pray Freebody does his best to push you to the ultimate level.

More to follow on coming December 7?.

Gershon’s resignation makes him the second manager of the One Corner hitmaker whose first manager Godfred Bokpin also resigned under the same circumstances.

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