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Ghana association of WA & Perfect Promotions host ‘Red Kente Dinner dance’

Get it from nowhere than Ghana association of WA &Perfect Promotions , one of Africans greatest event host in Australia , as Perfect promotions is well noticed with his expensive lifestyle and his consistent event with the top most African highest paid artistes.

The promoter in recent has staged a cultural event in Australia with a partner  Ghana association of WA as they joined forces to bring you the Red kente Dinner in Perth Australia .

Kente is one of Ghana’s highly rated cloths and also  the most expensive royal wear in our country Ghana and as this edition of the event is one of the greatest initiative for the Ghanaian’s  in the Australia and other africans who believes in the kente legacy and as this doesn’t only  serve as an entertainment but an occasion for togetherness and celebration of real African cultural and and as well as celebration of our predecessors who fought for the freedom of our motherland Africa.

According to perfect promotions, this will go on to become one of the memorable event in Australia and  would like to thank patrons  for helping to make this event a successful on the event   callender .

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