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Stop The False Prophesy ,Regina Osei warns the Prophet’s

Gospel singer Regina osei hangrily warns the Prophet’s on their so much prophesies to Ghanaians and the celebrities.

Regina Osei in her message explains , it not bad to prophesy about someone’s life but it can be done in other ways .

She says..False Prophets and their False Prophesies is really creating political tension, destroying Families and Marriages

The gospel singer says…The best way to announce someone’s prophecy is to privately invite the person,call them on phone or even approach in person to inform the person rather than to announce it to the general public to create fear and panic to the person…this could even kill the person faster than anything since it can develop and rise the blood pressure of every human being who is a BP patient.

Regina Osei a gospel singer and a true woman of God claims she use to see many prophesies about people and she prays alot and do fast much for the person,She concluded by advising Ghanaians vicitms of these prophesies to be self confidence and believe in God than to develop hope in this Prophet’s ,even though there are many good ones but let’s us be careful with who to trust.

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