I Compiled My Demo Songs for An Album launched Because I Had No Investor – Tray Zee

Bright Attipoe was the first underground artiste from Tadi to launch an album fully compiled of Demo tracks on 9th April 2011 at Animens Hotel in Takoradi.

When he started most of you where crawling , He was in a group called 3 Unit which includes Ayesem and Nero X and they where the first music group to represent Western Region at the Nest Cafe African Revelation talent hunt in the year 2005 I stand to be corrected.

I dont have a concrete evidence to what actually led to the split of the group but what I know is Tray Z later left the group according to yesi yesi sources and then the group have to rebrand from 3unit to 2Unit😄 leaving just the baby faces Nero X and Ayesem.

Others claims Tray Zee was sacked by Ayesem and Nero X ,whiles some claims his exit from the group was due to a misunderstanding about money , All the same I think it all happened for a good reason. I still wish you well bro. OY3 HITZ 🔥🔥

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Sadick Assah known professionally as Sleeky is a veteran Ghanaian music promoter,Celebrity blogger, Event Organiser, Event Agent for MTN Ghana, CEO of Western Region Festival,Salahfest and Founder of Western DJs and Presenters Awards. Sleeky is the Chief Editor and the CEO of Ghanatunez.com

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