My Husband Doesn’t know I Share Him With My Twin Sister

There are many things happening in the world today. Many things that are shocking and unbelievable. Have you ever heard of someone getting married to his bride’s twin sister because he thinks she is the bride?

Then read this true story below.

A woman who has a twin has said how she made her twin sister who goes by the name May marry her fiance on the day of their marriage, and they are still in the act till now.

She said while growing up, her best friend was her twin sister. They played with the same toys, read the same books and even had the same set of friends at school.

She said that she never felt that she needed anyone else apart from her twin sister who knew all her secrets and even when they went to different universities the bond was still there.

Soon after both of them graduated from the university and found a job, her sister (May) moved out but she stayed at home with her parents while still keeping in touch with May who visited during weekends and still had lunch with them.

It was during this period she met Edmund during one of her work trips and fell in love with him. She said she got along so well from the start that they started dating a few weeks later and he proposed three months later.

She told him about her twin sister May and when he got to meet her he said it was fun to see someone who looked exactly like her. May also confessed that she liked Edmund not only as a brother-in-law but she had other passionate feelings for him.

Hearing what May said she expected herself to be angry and surprised but instead she even said that May should date Edmund for sometime without him knowing since he wasn’t able to differentiate them.

Even during the wedding supper, they changed outfits and he still didn’t know he married her. They had an enormous wedding and numerous individuals at the tables had not seen May and her sister for a long time, yet they never mentioned to anyone what transpired in that day because she simply wanted May to encounter the most significant day in her life the same way she did and that she was do happy when she saw Edmund kiss May.

From that day, she shared Edmund with May. Sometimes she will eat with him after work instead of her or they will go out on the town to shop, thinking it was him while still promising never to tell anyone because she loved May more than Edmund and maybe one day they will uncover the truth.

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