NPP’s free rent is cheap propaganda – Blakk Rasta

Radio personality, Blakk Rasta has described the government’s initiative to tackle the challenge of high cost of rent as cheap propaganda.

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) has promised to pay the rent advance of the youth to landlords and ladies in their next term of office.

Speaking at the NPP’s weekly press conference at the Alisa Hotel, the former Communication Director of the party, Nana Akomea said, “Housing is a major problem facing the youth in Ghana and one can’t even find affordable accommodation. The rent advance will be paid to landlords directly with the beneficiary making a monthly payment to the scheme. You don’t need to think of rent advance again”.

Nana Akomea indicated that the government will set up a seed capital of about $100 million to solve the issue of rent and rent advance.

However, the NPP’s promise was met with huge criticism from the public who questioned if the Akufo-Addo led government were indeed on top of issues.

Speaking on the issue on Zylofon 102.1FM on the Taxi Driver Show, Blakk Rasta described the promises of the NPP as ‘recycled trash’ thrown back at Ghanaians.

“Cheap propaganda to win votes, listen to what these people are saying, after promising us 1-district, 1-factory the same Nana Akomea who is my good brethren is saying that with the 1-district, 1-factory they will create more jobs. You are just recycling your trash and throwing it unto the people,” the popular radio show host said.

He added, “I speak as a Ghanaian and continental African, I have no respect to party colours because all these people are liars, they don’t speak the truth and it’s painful.”

According to Blakk Rasta the promises of the NPP leaves more questions than answers; adding the government paying rent advances does not reduce the high cost of rent advance.

“You’re saying that during your second term you are going to be able to pay rent for the youth, from what age to what age? Are you going to tell the landlord don’t charge long rent advance, don’t charge high is that what you’re going to tell the landlord. What’s the population of the youth, for how long are you going to tackle this?” Blakk Rasta quizzed.

Blakk Rasta further ranted that the shady deals of politicians have plunged the country into a mess. He cited the government’s affordable housing project as the solution to the high cost of rent.

He stated, “You have affordable housing rotten up, now they have become home for reptiles, lizards and wild animals. You are not dealing with this but you are going to deal with landlords who have their own homes and pay them.

“Until we develop our youth as critical thinkers, dirty politics will continue to invade our country,” Blakk Rast said.

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