The Main Reason Why VGMA Snubbed Wendy Shay Reveals

The self acclaimed Queen of Ghana music was rejected by VGMA and chatter house as part of the artistes of the year category because

Ghanaian music awards especially VGMA to nominate any musician to part of the prestigious award category for the main artiste of the year is not a easy or a joke

Truthfully Wendy Shay really worked very hard to get more hit songs in the Ghanaian music industry but still she was denied to be part of the current VGMA artiste of the year.

That has created more controversies and disappointment at the camp and the fans of the self acclaimed queen of Ghana music Wendy Shay

Wendy Shay is currently most trending female artiste in Ghana now wish no doubt but in Ghanaian music industry, to be crowned as the main artiste of the year depends on your hits songs,Shows,and impact made in the year

But the reason why Wendy Shay was denied was that, most of her hits songs was produced and released in a year which do not qualifies her to be nominated

But still from the professional entertainment analysts saying the Queen of Ghana music was treated good at all in this Ghana Music Awards by Chatter House

So everybody want to hear from her manager Bullet the CEO of the label as well if he is ok of what happened between VGMA and her artiste

But one I can say about this issue is that no matter what is going on, Wendy Shay should never give up because she is on Top of her competitors so she should never be disappointed or discouraged

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